Applied Research Projects

Applied Research Projects


Revolutionizing Healthcare application Deployment: A Kubernetes-Driven Approach

AI-Based Saliency Prediction for Better Perceptual Quality in Display and Video Compression

Analysis of Single Cells in Pediatric Brain Tumours with Transfer Learning and a Pre-trained Transformer Model

High-Fidelity Human Avatars from Laptop Webcams using Edge Compute

Content-Aware Video Encoder Optimization

JITServer: Disaggregated JIT Compiler for the JVM

Exploring Graph Neural Network Methods on the Analyst Network Graph

Automatically Parallelizing C/C++ code with Large Language Models

A Machine Learning Framework for Exploring Mortality in Developing Countries with Verbal Autopsies

Automatic Detection of Service Center Locations from Vehicle Data

Abstract Syntax Tree Coarsening via Deep Attention-Based Node Pooling Auto-Encoders

Prospect Recommendations with Integrated LLM Features

DataStats: An Automated Framework Supporting the Design and Development of Recommender Systems

TabPFGen - Tabular Data Generation with TabPFN

OmniRuntime: Squeezing Every Last Drop of Performance for In-Memory Data Analytics

Early Septic Shock Detection Using Vital Signs Forecasting and Classification

Closeness to Pathway: Clustering Patient Electronic Medical Records for Drug Repurposing

A Machine Learning Approach to Retail Sales Forecasting Using Localized Weather Features

Project Li-Tooth: Scalable, High-Bandwidth Optical Information Broadcast for Spatial Computing

Pytheas: Pattern-Based Table Discovery in CSV Files


Query Broker: An Efficient Cybersecurity Data Access Platform

Speech Generation for Indigenous Language Education

MABS: Make All Batteries Smart

IOMemTable - Memory-Optimized Index-Organized Table for LSM-Tree Storage

Enhancing Forecasting Performance of LightGBM through Feature Screening

Task Grouping for Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning

Revitalizing Retail: Edge-Driven Computer Vision for Real-Time Analytics

Visual Perception of Walking Environments using Deep Learning and Large Language Models

Explaining the Out-of-Distribution Detection Paradox through Likelihood Peaks

Generative Al for Product Listing and Conditional Infographic Generation

Unsupervised Data Extraction from Radiology Reports with LLMs

Explore New Initiatives on RIM Submissions Archive's Support of eSTAR FDA Medical Device Submission Format

Anomaly Detection for Automated English Language Test Scoring Improvement

Enhancing Document Retrieval with Large Language Models and Human Feedback

Machine Learning for Vehicle Diagnostics Automation

Image Captions Are Worth a Thousand Words: Enhancing Search in Conversational

Cracking the Code: Gherkin Test Prioritization for Improved CI/CD Efficiency

Reactive-Proactive Obstacle Avoidance for Autonomous UAVs in Dynamic Indoor Environments

GNNs with Protein Dynamics for Enhanced Drug Targeting

Efficient Embedding-Based Item Identification for Robotic Pick and Place Applications

Smartphone Indoor Localization: A Sensor Fusion Approach

Analyzing Sales Cannibalization Through Utility Theory to Improve Accuracy of Predicting POS

Visual Blocks for ML

Visualizing Al-Powered Patient Insights

Transforming Learning Through Al-Enhanced Online Discussions: Collaboration, Equity, and Assessment

Al-driven Web Payment Automation

Object Tracking for High-Speed Pick-and-Place Robot

Automating Rotoscoping in Videos with NeRF Priors

Towards Intelligent Edge Computing

Enabling Large Language Models at Vanguard

SCE-MAE: Selective Correspondence Enhancement with MAE for Self-Supervised Landmark Estimation

Advancements in Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms to Trade Promotion Strategy

MultiResFormer: Transformer with Adaptive Multi-Resolution Analysis for Long-Term Time Series Forecasting

Exact Geometry Processing Kernel using Integer Barycentric Coordinates

Real-time Camera Tracking for Gameplay Automation in Video Games

Sound Event Localization

Advancing the Security of Commercial Quantum-Key-Distribution Systems

DORA: DevOps Research and Assessment

A Global Surveillance System for Infectious Diseases and Bio-Security Threats

Driver Behavior Analysis Using Sensor Data On Android Devices

Detecting Malicious DNS Traffic Using Neural Networks

Accurate and Precise Force Estimation Algorithm for Robot Manipulation

Data Communication Optimization Between Mobile Devices and Servers

Leveraging LLMs for Operations Research Problems

Learning GPU Code Structure Using Large Language Models

Prediction of Genetic Mutations in Pediatric Brain Tumors Using Pathology Images

Multi-Regional Salary Prediction Model

Using Multi-Modal Data and Self-Supervised Approaches for Deep Learning in Healthcare

MotionAGFormer: Enhancing 3D Human Pose Estimation with a Transformer-GCNFormer Network

Hardware Accelerated Collision Checking

LayoutDM: A Discrete Diffusion Approach for Optimal Smartphone Widget Layout Generation

Towards Optimized E-Commerce: Examining Performance-Affecting Factors for Online Retail Platforms

Unsupervised Real Image Denoising

Efficiently Training Large Language Models with Advanced Distributed Training Techniques

Two-Stage Deep-Learning Framework for Understanding Scanned Documents

Facial Landmark Detection with Synthetic Data

LUTFlow: Conditionally Bijective Implicit 3D Lookup Tables

CAPP: Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder Accelerated Path Planner

Vision-Based Analysis of Gait in Older Adults with Dementia

Automatic Gameplay Highlight Reel Generation Using Multimodal Learning

Towards Broadcast-Quality Audio: Enhancement of Conference Microphones and Exploration of Objective Evaluation Techniques

Simulation of Device Location

Identifying Causal Risk Factors for Hazardous Driving and Accident Propensity for Safer Fleets and Smart Cities

Data Quality Detection and Improvement for Al Dashcam Models

Detailed Cross-Attention Control in Image Editing

Network Traffic Anomaly Detection by Clustering with Autoencoder Ensembling

Learning Unrestricted Facial Geometry from Lightstage Images

Benchmark Performance of Remote Control Operations Across Varied Mobile Device in Different Environments

3D Image Representation for Gameplay Automation

Cross-Account and Cross-Platform Cloud Cost Optimization: An Integrated Management for AWS and Azure

Latent DeepFakes: Fast High-Resolution Face Swap

Project Sonata: Al-Driven Recommendation & Consumer Segementation Platform of Unilever NA

Video Based Animation Retrieval

Image Caption Generation with Machine Learning for AR Wearable Devices

Enhancement of IP Wizard in Power and Thermal Calculator

Real-Time 3D Landmark Regression from Monocular Image Input on Mobile GPUs with Synthetic 3D Face Data

Broca: a Multimodal Language Model to Draft Radiology Reports for X-rays

Model Compression for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle's Companion Computer

Enhancing Image Composition Control with Loss-Guided Diffusion Models

From ML Model to Production: Streaming Data Analytics Infrastructure for loT Big Data

Machine Learning for Pattern-Matching Optimization in GPU Compilers